AAA Quality Fence Installation

Construction methods, material quality, hardware choices and installation techniques combine to make a big difference in the appearance and structural integrity of a fence. This is a priority for AAA Quality Fence and the reason for why our work stands above the competition.

Our fence installations not only meet your needs for safety, structural integrity and attractive appearance, but are built to last and increase the value of your property. How do we do it?

Concrete Post Footings
All of our fence posts are set in concrete no less than 24 inches deep to ensure stability to achieve a straight post that doesn’t sag, lean or lose durability during Florida’s tropical weather. Post depth is dependent on height of the fence and the product chosen.

Highest Quality Materials for Fence, Gates and Hardware
We research and select high quality materials for each type of fence we install, including the hardware. We never cut corners, because it results in a shorter fence life, reduced fence durability and poor customer satisfaction.

  • AAA Quality wood fences and gates are constructed with pressure treated wood because it is the best option to withstand moisture and harsh weather for long lasting performance. The gates are reinforced with screws on frame and secured with stainless steel adjustable hinges and latches.
  • For a long-lasting fence, vinyl holds up the best to the moisture in the ground.
  • Aluminum fences are powder coated for beauty and durability and add great curb appeal to any property.
  • Chain link provides security for children, pets or in commercial and industrial uses.

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Wood is the most commonly used material for fencing. It’s cost effective, offers a natural look and is custom built on site. view

Aluminum fences provide beauty, durability, and strength. Aluminum is easy to maintain and the most versatile style of fence. view

Chain link fence is available either galvanized or vinyl-coated. It is commonly used as a barrier between properties, an offers a cost-efficient, secure solution. view

Vinyl is becoming the most popular fence for its beauty, privacy, strength, and low maintenance. view

Field Fence is commonly used for agricultural properties to secure livestock with woven wire. view

Commercial fencing provides security and safety for business property and its tenants, customers and employees. view